Into my weaboo side 1

This one is for Oikawa Tooru from Haikyuu!!

It just, at first, I don’t like him

In fact, I probably can’t stand people with smug personality like him

But seeing him lost the match with his Aobajousai against Karasuno in the spring tournament is just heart breaking

It has torn me into pieces, I’m just shattered to the ground

Why it has to be so brutal, it was his very last year, the one supposed for him to fulfill his wish, to be brimful of jovial memories

And Oikawa, I may say it temporarily, at this point, still cannot beat up Shiratorizawa, I can tell it’s his desire to accomplish at any rate

tumblr_nbwb0dyEBK1qjy21oo1_500 tumblr_nbwb0dyEBK1qjy21oo2_r1_500

After re-watching all the anime and manga stuffs, I constantly hit the Haikyuu!! wikia page and made a massive research about him. I’ve read everything from his biography to his character analyses thoroughly, and I’ve inferred myself that he’s a true prodigy and that’s not just his human nature. The skills, they’re all honed day by day to become not just his talents, I think the word expertise is the most precise. A pure genius

So now I don’t hold a estrangement to him anymore, I would respect him a lot indeed

It’s all about him being diligent all the time and that’s what amazes me a lot

I’m starting to love the so-called nickname “trash king” which the fandom gave it to him. He’s just a demon inside, at some sides and now I know it so well

Featured image from official calendar taken from minitokyo


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