Worldwide illustration 2

NanoMortis has a unique style in art. This artist’s arts usually take the theme of macabre and horror, sometimes sorrow and death. Her works give a very strong impression of simplicity and complex at the same time. Lots of her works mainly use white background, which makes the art inside become more vivid and eye-capturing. NanoMortis’s arts always have a nice balance of color, and the color she uses fit well with the theme of the work, which make the whole picture lively and gorgeous. The way she draws may looks stiff at first glance but if look closely, it turns out to be very fine and smooth. Her arts breathe mysterious and sometimes a bit of darkness. Looking at her arts, you will find yourself wandering in some unknown world that only has a dim ray of light to show the way…

“It’s like drinking salt water.You die by your own thirst ,leaving you with a horrid reflection of yourself.” – NanoMortis

NanoMortis’s DeviantArt

Featured image Struggle artwork belongs to the artist


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