As I grow up, there is one thing I comprehend from what my mom had told me whenever she occupies herself with work: “You’ll never have enough of a day and it’s so frustrating to have things laid incomplete that you just wanna vanish into the air for awhile, to let you soul a bit less stressful, to free your mind from tension, but eventually you have to figure out how to deal and go on with your life” It was her words saying though but she’s always accomplished the tasks on time. But to me, timing is like the worst. I can’t handle anything entirely. Time just keeps floating ahead, it waits for no one and I’m not even be able to catch up with it as well have enough of it. When things get out of order, I would go uneasy and couldn’t deliberate anything wisely. I myself wish to have like more than 36 hours per day, maybe it’s not enough at all, nothing is enough to me indeed, but at least I have another extra 12 hours for a day to have more plans settled down. If only they had a stopwatch that could actually stop the flux of time, life would be much easier, and I bet everybody does want it.


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