Into my weaboo side 3

This is my most favourite series of CLAMP. To me, it has a lot of meaning about life, about all the little things that sometimes you just missed without knowing how important they are…

My very first impression on this series was Yuuko-san. I still remember when Animax was still available on television and I saw the trailer of the anime. At first glance, I honestly thought that it was some 18+ anime, since Yuuko-san is always so sexy. After a long while, I accidentally turned to Animax when XxxHolic was on, and from that moment, I knew every first impression I had about it was totally wrong. Before I knew it, I has been drawn into the mystery flow of the series…

So what makes XxxHolic so special? There are lots of elements that attribute to the success of the series. First off, the drawing style : characters are tall and lean, details are kept simple. The way CLAMP draws character’s eyes is very unique : they don’t have much shade like and patterns like other characters in CLAMP’s manga or different series. Character’s hair is quite the same, not much shade at all. The character art in the manga generally looks simple, but it’s a different story when you get to the artworks of the series. In XxxHolic artworks, CLAMP brings out the luxury and mystery with the sophisticating designed clothes and the well-drawn background. I must say, not only XxxHolic but also the other manga of CLAMP always lots of beautiful original artwork and the way they draw details in the manga is exceptional and inspirational, a well-balanced mix of modern and tradition.

Since I’m a fan of mystery, XxxHolic’s enigmatic theme immediately attracts me from the very first chapter. It gives me a new perspective of life, like I’m living in an illusion, a whole new world. “Pinky promise hope to die. Swallow a thousand needles if you lie.” A song that may sound easy to sing, but XxxHolic shows the value of promises, which is why they should be kept. In the life we’re living, words have such power that could harm anyone badly, from inside out. Even when you think that you’re only saying something only for the sake of someone else, you could never know if it’s really the best thing for them because it’s always can be another way around. And when it comes to sacrifice, blindly doing everything you think is right not always make things better. CLAMP covers XxxHolic with mystery and illusion. Reading the manga, I always feel like wandering in the thick mist, trying to find out what is really happening, or trying to predict what would come next, but sometimes lost without knowing any clues. CLAMP knows how to touch readers’ curiosity and leads it along the story with ease, from mysteries to mysteries that are waiting to be unfolded…

“There is no such thing as a coincidence in this world, there is only the inevitable.”_Yuuko Ichihara xxxHolic artworks

Artworks and feature image belong to CLAMP.


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