Artist of the week 3

Final Fantasy is a well-known video game by Square Enix. To me, I first acknowledged it when seeing my brother played Final Fantasy VIII very long ago, then when I grew up, I found out more about the series by myself. My first ever Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy IX, which is always my most favorite, not just because of the story line but also about the music.

Since then, I began to play the next generation of the series, and music is always something that hits me the most. Today, I turned on NHK world TV and saw Nobuo Uematsu in the J-MELO show, talking about his works for Final Fantasy. It really brought back memory, and when the piece “Zanarkard” was shown on TV playing by an orchestra, I felt overwhelmed by all the feeling I had when playing the games returned. He had composed so many master pieces for Final Fantasy, Zanarkand, Aerith’s Theme, Suteki Da Ne and so on. You can really feel how his music touches your heart with a strong vibration that you can’t forget. That’s why when speaking about Final Fantasy, people usually talk about him and his music in the game. Music is what makes players in sync with the games, as well as makes the game deeper and more meaningful. If you had played many seasons Final Fantasy, how could you forget the music theme that turned on every time you hopped onto the Chocobo? That Chocobo theme always lives in every season of Final Fantasy and has become an irreplaceable part of the series.

To me, his music is one of the main things that make Final Fantasy so famous like it is now today, I hope that he will continue his amazing work and bring more wonder to the world of art…


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