Artist of the week 4

I knew 30 Seconds To Mars a long time ago and I do listen to their music a bit, maybe back then, I was not quite into their genre but through years, my taste has changed and it keeps varying so I’ve gained interest in them recently. Their music is really provocative, amazing and humane. I know you may think it’s sentimental but I reach to them whenever I feel insecure, their music calm me down and make me feel safe. I’m not saying I’m their hardcore fan by now but if they ever held a concert here, I would definitely go and scream and sing my lungs and my heart out with them.

My writing is still bad as usual ugh, but i’s up to you to feel the beat and enjoy the music

I don’t really have favorite songs because I love em all but here are some may content your likings

Close To The Edge

The Kill

This Is War

Beautiful Lie

Do Or Die

Gosh, it’s like I could watch their videos and live concerts for forever


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