Worldwide illustration 7

Inktober is a challenge created by Jake Parker in 2009. Artists who participate in Inktober will draw one picture each day in October using ink. From a personal challange, Inktober has grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousand of artists taking on the challenge each year.

inktobers_by_koyamori-d6pt7quinktober_28_by_koyamori-d6t3fqe inktober__inner_beauty_by_konoumin-d83t8uh

2014inktober2_by_ruin_hci-d8l7yp8    inktober_day_04_by_victoria_rivero-d8tbfht   inktober_day_05_by_victoria_rivero-d8tu7dh 

Credit to the creator of the challenge. The cover photo and artworks belong to their artists.


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