Into my weaboo side 4

Deemo is a piano music video game created by Rayark Inc, and it’s the best rhythm game I have ever played so far. With Deemo, you have access not only to the wonderful music but also a deep story behind it.

Through the game, you main job is to play to grow a tree, and as it grows, you will find out more about Deemo, the little girl and the masked lady in the library. There are lots of hidden stories behind the songs and the artworks that you would have the change to find out through the game. Music in Deemo is a combination of classic and modern, as shown in the variety of music styles depend on the composers. Calm and peaceful, but soulful and vibrating are what you could feel when you hear it. Every song has its own artwork, and they are all very gorgeous. The styles of them vary in each album, and within some of them contain secret meanings. Then it comes to the story, which leads you to many secrets and surprises, and lefts you with many thoughts which linger in your mind, along with a message that always vibrates in everyone’s heart…

Some of Deemo artworks.


To find more Deemo artwork, click here.

Deemo trailer.

Deemo ver 2.0 trailer.


Some of the composers’ Soundcloud

V.K’s Soundcloud

M2U’s Soundcloud

Mili’s Soundcloud

Sta’s Soundcloud

Ice’s Soundcloud

All the artworks belong to Rayark Inc. and their artists.


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