Life journal 2

The world is made of light and dark, and so are us.

I have been through many, maybe not even that much, trying to see things as they were, from every side. Then it hit me, if I stayed in the light, I could only see things outside in, which was full of bright glory…

And so I took my risk, doing something so stupidly selfish then stepping in the shadow of the light, where the darkest desires were hidden. Everyone has some of them, but what matters is how people control and approach them. Those desires shine in the dark with a dimly tempting light, deluding people into chasing after them. It’s a completely different view from what I saw in the light. The deeper into the dark I get, the more horrified of how one person could be, but then again, not everyone get trapped in the illusion of those dim lights. But when ones did, it’s hard to turn back. When they take the full control, they would create such a perfect illusion that deceives both the person and their surrounding into believing them, trashing things that are utmost important, sinking them into their sickening light…

I could have fallen into my own darkness if there weren’t people who always make me realize it before I went too far. After that, I learnt how to see things from inside out…

“Seeing things from inside out is like letting the darkness swallow your body but not your mind to finally get a grip of what is really going on in front of your eyes.
Or you have already been blinded by the outside glory?”

[ Honestly don’t mind my rambling… ]

Cover image belong to Nanomortis.


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