Life journal 3

“If you don’t speak up and take the spotlight, you won’t be able to succeed.”

Or so my teacher said.

While at my college, students have to be active, be sociable, be energetic, if you want a good grade. Going places to places, socializing, participating in many group events, being in a club, or whatever there are, as long as you are an activist, you get others’ good impression. People see excellent things in those who are extroverts, because they boldly talk to everyone about everything with high confidence, which is their major advantage in the world that cannot stop talking.

It almost seems to be unfair when life is pushing everyone to be like that. To me, it feels like introverts are being omitted and forgotten, or at least in my environment. All the hectic teamwork and communication that I have to do just quickly drain my energy away. There is always too much noise in the class, too many works that require social attraction. People always talk about things which are in trend nowadays, things that I could hardly care about. The college that I used to work so hard to get into turned out to be a place that I now don’t even want to go to. I was expecting of a place with many unique traits of personalities, but got disappointed to see so many stereotypes. And then the way they promoted the extrovert lifestyle, even though it’s not a bad thing, but it doesn’t fit me at all. I don’t want to be famous. I don’t need the spotlight. I’d rather do my things than speak my way into it. Introverts can do much more than what they could speak. My teacher said that some people who has the ability to talk well would outshine the ones that could do the jobs better than them, thus she promotes that ability over other things. Personally, I don’t agree with it. But on second thought, if people couldn’t recognize introverts by who they are, such unfairness is unavoidable. And once again, even introverts take quite a percentage of the population of the world, their importance is still being underestimated and forgotten…

“Many don’t stand out in the spotlight, but they do behind the stage, because that kind of glory doesn’t fancy them. Their glory is where they shine in the dark.”

Cover image belongs to NanoMortis.


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