Life journal 5

To be honest, I have never really cerebrated Christmas in my life.

Well, I guess because Christmas is not an official holiday in my country anyway. But now, people do decorate the main street to give the Christmas vibe. I can’t remember when my last time going to the city center on Christmas was, but it must be years ago…

Back then when I couldn’t ride by myself just yet, my only way to go out was my brother. He rarely took me out, and if he did, it was pretty much one rare occasion for me. One evening, I think it was around or on Christmas day, he decided to take me to the city center. I, of course, was very happy about it. After spending months in my house, I would definitely love some fresh cold air.

That evening, we walked along the street with some of his friends. For the whole time I stayed behind them, feeling a bit left out but then, a bit at ease. It may sound almost childish and stupid but that was my first time seeing the street so lively at night with all the lighting and decorations. “So this is how Christmas feels like…”, I thought to myself. Maybe the only missing things were snow and a cup of hot chocolate, but we don’t have snow here, and I don’t really have a sweet tooth.

Now, it’s only 3 or 4 days left till Christmas, and I have got a bike on my own. Unfortunately, I’m now in a circumstance that doesn’t let me ride it. I doubt my brother would take me out though, since I think he may have something else to do. Ever since then, I haven’t gone out in Christmas. Despite being an introvert, I still love to go out once in a while, especially in days like this, just to warm my heart. Too bad my only opportunity was ruined. How ironic life could even be…


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