Worldwide illustration 14

I think the tittle I give this post maybe a little…”outdated”, but after all, it was the start of everything.

About a year ago, in my usual DeviantArt surfing session, I found lovely ink doodles of my favourite movies from Studio Ghibli. Of course, I looked up for the artist right away. I think back then he still kept the name “365 days of doodle”, because it was the name of his challenge, drawing one picture per day. As I recall, all of them were drawn in his sketch book using black ink pen. What amazed me was that just using only the black color of the pen and the white color of the paper, he had drawn out so many creative works which looks so lively and fascinating. You could see how incredibly detailed his doodles were, and sometimes they had a very cute surprise hidden inside!

After the challenge, he began to tackle with colors, and changed his DeviantArt name into Picolo-kun ( Gabriel Picolo ). He started his little comic namely “Icarus and the Sun” which is a very heart-warming and beautiful love story. In additional, he also draws many books and cartoons’ characters. You can easily find them all his media networks. Here I will show you my favourite, the Harry Potter’s series.

Picolo-kun Facebook, DeviantArt, Instagram, Twitter and Patreon.

[ Cover and all the images in the post belong to the artist. ]




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