Life journal 7

Even when just a simple thing like a flower’s scent comes and goes with the wind, memory always remains…

When I was just a little child, me and my mother sometimes walked around the neighbor at night, enjoying the wind and the peaceful atmosphere. After awhile, we sat down on a doorstep of the house of the neighborhood’s president to rest. In his house, he had a very tall tree whose name I couldn’t remember anymore. On this tree, white flowers bloomed now and then, and they had a very beautiful smell. Every time the wind passed by, those flowers rain down onto us. It was such a nice feeling when the wonderful scent was spread through the air. My mother liked the flower a lot. She sometimes took them home and put them somewhere in the house. I remember how I always asked her the name of every tree and plant we came across along our way, like a curious child who knew almost nothing about the world…

Yesterday, I went out to have dinner with my friend. As I walked home I came across a tall tree which was blooming with white flowers from that same house back then. As my fragments of memories came back, I felt a nostalgic contentment and a pleasant happiness, something that I rarely have in this state of life…

[ Cover image belongs to their rightful artist. ]


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