Life journal 9

Sometimes I just think…

Is there any room for the different ones…?

In the afternoon, my mother turned on the television when I was about to go upstairs. Then I noticed the television was showing some kind of music show in which people had to compose a song in a day ( I think ) to see who had the best one. I only watched two female participants perform, one with a rather bright song and the other was almost the opposite. The judges, eventually, favoured the first one because the second one’s song was a bit too “unique” and aloof, and they feared that songs like those wouldn’t get the people’s attention.

It annoyed me when I heard the judges’ opinions. I understand that…we all have to do what is best for the business, but I feel like everyone is stereotyping the standard of “what is good”. For example, most people will favour extroverts. They are energetic, enthusiastic, easy-going, talkative and whatnot. Many times in my life, I have been pushed to be like that, by the teachers. Extroverts are good, and they really are in some aspects, so do introverts. Just because we don’t talk and act as much doesn’t mean we are some kind of weirdos. I know we can’t talk big like extroverts, but see how we write, because we’re more comfortable with it. I only wish just for once people would give us a little time to see what we have in mind, just like the case I mentioned up there. Maybe it was just my personal feeling, but I did hope that she had another chance to improve her music. Every day we see and hear hundreds of upbeat songs, why not add into it a bit of depth? It’s called balance, is it not?

[ Cover image belongs to the artist. ]


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