Hello there, Chroma’s speaking!

As you guys could see, right now I am giving my blog a complete change in appearance along with adding few more features into it. I’ll start 2017 with a fresh look with my little world to encourage myself to write more, not to bury everything deep down into the mind. I hope it somehow could help me improve my mental health and also give everyone something nice ( if not too dreadful ) to read.

My blog’s old look was design by my friend, but since she won’t be active anymore, I decide to make it feel more like…me. Using a static front page gives me the option to present my primary interests in organized sections, and it will also serve as my blog introduction ( I think people will be able to tell what I like by glancing over the blog for the first time without heading over to the “About us” page ). I have also added the “Blog” tab which contains all my post in a chronological order if you guys want to start reading right away. For the rest of the menu, I may clean them up after finishing the main parts of the blog. Also some may feel the front page has too many “clicking” work to do. It’s because I like to set things in order so I tend to make a few sub pages before going into the contents. In addition, I got another close friend of mine to be my proofreader, knowing how horrible I am at grammar sometimes.

That is pretty much it. I’ll keep my blog makeover progress on my front page so you guys can keep track with everything. I hope you guys like my new blog set up. Have a good day.


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