Life journal 11

Would you believe me if I said that I used to hate English really much?

But I did, for about 2 first years of my secondary school.


Well, because I thought I sucked at it.

Back then, every day when I had English class, I just freaked out. The nervousness, anxiety, the feeling of worrying that the teacher might call you to answer some questions that you probably didn’t know. My scores would remain at 7 or 8 out of 10, which sometimes surprised me because I didn’t really study anything about it. It was like that till I got to my third year of secondary school. I met this teacher, who kind of inspired me to learn the language. Since then, I started to like it, then to a certain point, enjoy it. My grades improved a lot, as well as my knowledge, and it began to come to me that “Hey, maybe I wasn’t too bad at it as I thought.”

When I entered high school, I did something that… I had never thought I would do : I enrolled in a class which specialized in English. Along with my old friends, I passed the entrance exam and got into the class. I also started my English writing not too long after that. I still keep my very old stories written in English, so that I can see how much I have improved and how far I have gone on this certain journey. I am glad that I decided to go for that English class in high school, because not only it had helped me so much, it was also the best class which I had ever gotten the luck to get in, the most unique class I have ever known, where I could feel like myself.

And then about last year, my close friend got me into an online game named Guild wars 2. One month after playing, a guild in the game invited us in. They used Teamspeak 3 for major events, and it was a requirement for all guild members. The thought of using it did scare me a bit, because I didn’t feel confident in my speaking skill. In addition, I was from Asia, so English was only my second language. The first time I went onto Teamspeak with them, I was extremely nervous. But thanks to their welcoming and friendly attitude, I started to speak, little by little. Being able to actually have social conversations with foreigners like that had helped me to refine both speaking and listening skills a great deal. Eventually, I felt more and more comfortable whenever I had to speak the language, and I knew it would help me a lot in the future as well.

As of now, I’m writing like this on a daily basis. I’ve never thought I could have gone this far. Even though there are still many flaws in my writing, but I believe doing this would help me to improve, and I also have my friends to help me out. I also have a chance or two every week to talk to my online friends, which not only fun and relaxing but also a good opportunity for me to learn. When I was much younger, I wouldn’t dare to think that one day, I could have friends from other countries, but here I am now, chatting with them every day. I am very happy with all the things English has brought me, and I’m glad that for one rare time, I have actually done the right thing that makes my life a bit better : learning English.

[ Cover image belongs to the rightful artist. ]


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