Life journal 12

I guess the worst thing about depression is that… you start to lose interest in everything you do, even your hobbies…

And passions.

Then you begin to avoid social interactions, to the point that you don’t want to go out with your close ones.

You just want to hide from the world, to be invisible…

Or to disappear.

People say that you just need to cheer up, to not think about negative things, and let you mind be unoccupied.

But you just can’t simply “cheer up”.

You just can’t simply let your mind free.

Because when your mind is not occupied,

Bad thoughts will return, and haunt you for as long as you are still here.

The feeling of being lost in the middle of an ocean called “life”, not knowing if you can do anything, if you have any talent, any thing that you are good at…

Or even if you are worthy to live in this world.

Trapped in a cage, yearning for freedom.

Which never seems to be coming true…

[ Cover image belongs to the artist. ]



2 thoughts on “DEPRESSION

    1. That’s true. Feel kinda sucks when people keep giving you advice that won’t even work, ’cause they don’t really understand.


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