Life journal 13

So why does the title say “The end of the year”?

Well, for my country, the official new year would be Lunar new year.

Lots of preparation to do, cleaning the house, buying things and whatnot, hence I have been hiatus for a few days. New year’s eve will be on January 27th, so 1 more day to go!

Last year has been…quiet hectic for me. I got in a traffic accident, couldn’t walk for like 2 months, then the depression, mental health, school problems and everything I wished that did not happen. But that’s how life it I guess, you can’t hardly know what would happen next, and that is both the beauty and the annoying thing of it.

For long I haven’t really felt excited about all the new year stuffs anymore. Maybe it’s just that I have grown older so that feeling is somehow gone. But this year, I don’t know why, but I could feel in myself, this intriguing sense about the incoming new days. Maybe I have grown even more sensitive to my surrounding without noticing it. The new year musics, the smells of traditional foods, the decorated scenery,… all of them seem oddly delightful this year. Maybe, just maybe, I would go to the flower street and see if I enjoy it this time. It has been such a very long time since I last went there. It would be nice if it could breath into me the true spirit of what new year is all about, a new door, a new beginning, and a fresh start…

[ Cover image belongs to the artist ]


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