Life journal 25 Just for one moment… When you were preoccupying yourself, When you just finished a book or a movie that motivated you to keep on going, When you were working, When you were not “thinking”, You thought you were fine. Telling yourself “you can beat your own monster” And your nightmare would be … More STOP


Life journal 24 Saying “I like my high school.” would be a lie, because I never actually like it. For so many times, I have said “I hate it.”, and I did mean it. Well, nobody really likes exams, deadlines and such, don’t they? However, without doubt, My three years in high school have been … More HIGH SCHOOL


Life journal 23 If I really think about it, I notice that I have never actually found any satisfied answer. Why do I write? May it be to express my feelings ? For relaxation ? Or just for fun ? I used to think that the reason was because I could escape from reality when … More WHY I WRITE


Random 4 People say “When you wish upon a star” “All your wishes will come true.” … Every day, she prays to the last star of the night For just one hope that she could see the clear blue sky. This whole time, it has been so grim… Even the mighty sun could not crack … More NEVER-ENDING HOPE