Into my weaboo side 5

First of all, no this is not really an anime review.

Well, maybe just a teeny tiny bit of it.

So yeah, a small spoiler alert!

_ _ _ _ _

About two weeks ago, I decided to go and watched Koe No Katachi with my friend. I also invited my cousin too. The plan was the three of us were going to watch it together, and I was rather excited.

But then the only thing I heard from my cousin was she was not going to go and watch it.


Because her friends told her that the movie was boring.

All I could think of in that exact moment was “What?”

_ _ _ _ _

If I must be very honest, the time my friend invited me, I was asking him what was the movie about. He said it about a guy who always bulied others and a deaf girl.

I told him “Please don’t tell me that it is another stereotype cheesy love story again, ’cause I’m so over it.”.

“Well, not really, but how about you just see it for yourself?”

And yeah, after I left the cinema, I kinda wanted to dig a big hole to just bury myself along with my stupidity.

_ _ _ _ _

For me, the movie was extraordinary. There are too many things which I adore about Koe No Katachi, but if I have to pick out some, they would be the design, animation and characters’ development.

Of course, the storyline as well.

The scenes in this film are not glamorous. I think they are quite simplistic, but very beautiful. Every color tones are well-used, which helped empathized what the director wants to tell us. The animation is subtle but critical. Since Koe No Katachi movie is based on a manga series, capturing more than 50 chapters into one 2-hour long anime is not an easy task. There will not be enough time to tell the story in its fullness, which is why the animation is made so that it can convey the most important and meaningful events fluidly in such a short time, and I think it has been done brilliantly. Although there might be details that lie in the mist, but it’s inevitable. Each character in Koe No Katachi is unique. Each of them represent a flaw or a weakness that one might have. They really draw me into the story, into “the hearts of their souls”. Their emotion is so “real-life”, which is the very reason why I adore this anime so much.

At the end of the movie, I started to think again.

That was when I realized why my cousin’s friends said that this movie was boring.

They just did not understand it.

_ _ _ _ _

For me, Koe No Katachi is a powerful message about the deepest mind and soul of one person. The movie itself is about understanding and acceptance. It’s like a self battle not just for the two main characters, Ishida and Nishimiya, but also for the rest of their friends. This is the kind of battle that anyone could have, especially the ones with mental and health problem. It’s a battle that exists in this very life, not like any extreme superhero action movies you see everywhere. So if they were expecting things like that or something like a love story they can easily chew on, then this movie is not for them.

One thing that bothered me even more was that because her friend said it was boring, my cousin actually decided to miss a change of seeing this great anime.

I am in no position to judge anyone. I know the everyone has their own taste, and it’s perfectly normal. But since words have a great impact on people, I just wished they would choose wiser words to say to my cousin. It’s fine if they find it boring, but I don’t think saying “It doesn’t fit my taste, but maybe you still should try it out, ’cause who knows?” would hurt because for God’s sake, Koe No Katachi has a very high critic score for a reason.

Then again, it just hits me that some of the young people at my place are so shallow, which is sad.

No matter how many “deep”, “emo” statuses, pictures you post on social media, they don’t really say that you really are like that. You can think that you are a deep person, but are you really, or it’s just on the surface? Heck, it doesn’t even matter. Can you really understand how other people really feel when they are seriously “too emotional” and “deeply sink in their own minds”? Can you really understand what it mean to have to fight with yourself ? More importantly when you are suffering a mental illness, or when you are disable? This is what Koe No Katachi is showing us. It’s not easy at all. It’s very hard, sometimes just staying alive could be harder than killing yourself. Then you might think people who kill themselves are idiots, but you don’t know, they do that because they cannot take it anymore. Even they know that they should not suicide, but what could they do? All they “know” is that “If I were gone, none of these would happen.” Even when that is not the truth, but they cannot get it out of their minds. In the end, you could also think that they were just overreacting, simply because you cannot understand their pain.

Not everyone is blessed with a normal life and a normal mind. Sometimes overcoming oneself has already been a great achievement for some people. I really think that more people need to learn how to sympathize, especially the young ones, because some of them could be so deadly insensitive and cold-hearted. It may sound pretty hard, but no. With patience and effort, it’s not that hard at all.

And you can always start by listening carefully to their “voices”.

[ Cover image belongs to the rightful artist. ]


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