Life journal 30 It has been a long while since I last had a decent dream about real life. Strangely enough, because it was not a bad dream, it even made me feel worse when I woke up. The thing with bad dream is, even though it’s not a nightmare, it’s already so bad that … More DREAMS


Disclaimer : I don’t own Vocaloid, but I do own this fanfiction. I wrote this a few years ago, but only now decided to post this. This fanfiction was inspired by a Vocaloid song named “Servant of Evil”. You can check the song here before reading. Please forgive any grammar mistake I might have made … More SERVANT OF EVIL


Random 6 How many times can you lie until you break? Well, it would be a pretty big number I guess… Then how many times can you lie after you have shattered? Apparently, a lot, or maybe too many… Until I am not here anymore… Why would you do that… I don’t know… Maybe I … More LIES


Life journal 29 Sometimes, I find myself in a strangely selfish position… When you help someone, it is true that you probably don’t need anything in return. However, you still sometimes expect that they do, maybe just some small things which are nice just like what you have done for them. Ironically enough, that expectation … More DETACHED


Life journal 28 There is always this voice in my head, saying all the worst things even when the smallest misfortune happen… “Oh, because everyone will leave you again.” “You know that I am not wrong.” “You are both annoying and boring at the same time.” Although I don’t exactly suffer from the mental illness … More PARANOIA


Random 5 For so long, you have been with me, Through tragedy, betrayal and pain. For too long, you have stayed with me, To cover, to protect and to lie. “It’s okay.” You say. “Just keep me alive.” “In return, you’ll be safe from harm.” Such luring words, how could I turn down… Letting it … More MASK


Life journal 27 Ahh… So I have left, the place I used to think that would be my very first stepping stone into my future… An admirable university that used to make my proud of myself. Which only kills me inside… Just when I thought that I had somewhat made at least one of my … More PATCHED WINGS


Life journal 26 “Why are you leaving your school?” “How come? You are studying in the university that so many people dream to be in.” “With this score and this school, why are you leaving? Maybe you should think about it again.” Few days ago, when I was eating my lunch, a university which I … More THE OTHER ROAD


Life journal 25 Just for one moment… When you were preoccupying yourself, When you just finished a book or a movie that motivated you to keep on going, When you were working, When you were not “thinking”, You thought you were fine. Telling yourself “you can beat your own monster” And your nightmare would be … More STOP


Life journal 24 Saying “I like my high school.” would be a lie, because I never actually like it. For so many times, I have said “I hate it.”, and I did mean it. Well, nobody really likes exams, deadlines and such, don’t they? However, without doubt, My three years in high school have been … More HIGH SCHOOL


Life journal 23 If I really think about it, I notice that I have never actually found any satisfied answer. Why do I write? May it be to express my feelings ? For relaxation ? Or just for fun ? I used to think that the reason was because I could escape from reality when … More WHY I WRITE


Random 4 People say “When you wish upon a star” “All your wishes will come true.” … Every day, she prays to the last star of the night For just one hope that she could see the clear blue sky. This whole time, it has been so grim… Even the mighty sun could not crack … More NEVER-ENDING HOPE


Random 3 Where am I… My eyes blinked slowly as I tried to open them. Above me, there was the sky. It was coated in melancholy gray. No cloud could be seen, not even the faintest sight. So cold… I realized that I was lying on the hard ground. I shifted my body, only to … More “MONSTER”


Random 2 Every morning, she wakes up at noon. Turning on her laptop, putting on some music. Then starts the daily routine of “distracting herself” May that be spending hours playing game, Practicing violin, writing stories, Reading books or manga, Watching movies and animes… Anything that keeps her away from thinking. From acknowledging the world … More DISTRACTION


Life journal 22 I wish… That I was born an extrovert. That I would be like everyone else, Be out-going, be talkative, be confident. That I would like the same things everyone does, So that I don’t have to feel lonely in a crowd. That I would like to speak, and would speak better That … More MINDLESS THINKING


Life journal 21 Softly touch the wooden floor Trying to remember the old feelings They start to move, slowly and clumsily With the melody singing in the heart. As they trip, stumble, then fall Their skins go red and comes the nostalgic pain Along with the memories of those good old days When they could … More THE SAD WALTZ


Life journal 20 It was a Sunday morning if my memory isn’t wrong… “Have you waken up yet?” “I have…” *Yawn* “Good good. When will you come and pick me up?” “Uh…in 30 minutes.” “Okay. I will be waiting.” Beep. And then about 45 minutes later, I saw somebody outside of the door as my … More MY BEST FRIEND