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I think the tittle I give this post maybe a little…”outdated”, but after all, it was the start of everything.

About a year ago, in my usual DeviantArt surfing session, I found lovely ink doodles of my favourite movies from Studio Ghibli. Of course, I looked up for the artist right away. I think back then he still kept the name “365 days of doodle”, because it was the name of his challenge, drawing one picture per day. As I recall, all of them were drawn in his sketch book using black ink pen. What amazed me was that just using only the black color of the pen and the white color of the paper, he had drawn out so many creative works which looks so lively and fascinating. You could see how incredibly detailed his doodles were, and sometimes they had a very cute surprise hidden inside!

After the challenge, he began to tackle with colors, and changed his DeviantArt name into Picolo-kun ( Gabriel Picolo ). He started his little comic namely “Icarus and the Sun” which is a very heart-warming and beautiful love story. In additional, he also draws many books and cartoons’ characters. You can easily find them all his media networks. Here I will show you my favourite, the Harry Potter’s series.

Picolo-kun Facebook, DeviantArt, Instagram, Twitter and Patreon.

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Worldwide illustration 13

You may think this is a real thing, but no, it’s just one amazing 3D piece of art made by Davison Carvalho. Using Modo, Illustrator and some touches of Houdini plus Photoshop, he has created a detailed and magnificent work that definitely deludes everyone to think that this is a photo taken from reality. Below are some pictures of his work. For more information, please visit this website.

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Worldwide illustration 11

As a professional digital artist, Yuumei outdone herself in creating a world filled with light in many different aspects. Her arts glimmers like the finest crystals under the sea that still shine brightly even in the darkness. Although being through many hardship, Yuumei still moves forward and paints stunning work of art.



Yuumei’s WebsiteDeviantart, Facebook and Instagram.

Cover photo and images belong to the artist.


Into my weaboo side 6

I have posted about NanoMortis before, but this time is a little different. This time, I’m sharing some of her specific artworks about things in our life, things that you may have missed, experienced, or even struggled through. NanoMortis put them in these stories. Even though they are very short, they have covered everything there are to say. Each of them is a deep and meaningful story which you may relate yourself to and find some sympathy along the way…

Cover photo and images belong to NanoMortis.



Singular stuff 3

These are beautiful hand pained anamorphic sculpture using glasses by Thomas Medicus. He has put every pieces of glasses together into refine works of art that are both illusive and surreal at the same time. Below are some of his works. To find out more, please visit his website.


Cover photo and images belong to the artist.


Worldwide illustration 10

“When ordinary papers are shaped and cut into amazing pieces of artworks…”

Below are only some of the artist who has created beautiful arts using paper with their skillful hands. There are still many more of talented people out there that I have yet to know.

Paper cutting

Elsa Mora

Boyve Lee

Kako Ueda


Paper quilling 

Sena Runa


Yulia Brodskaya

Paper Sculpture

Matt Shlian

Raya Sader Bujana

Asya Kozina

Cover image belong to Yulia Brodskaya.




Worldwide illustration 8

I came across some of Leonardo Pereznieto’s artworks recently and I must say that his illustration is breath-taking. His artworks show the diversity of styles and inspiration, but what I like the most is these realistic drawing of him. They shine like real glass which capture your eyes as if they were the real things.

Cover and images belong to the artist.

Visit his website and instagram for more information.


Worldwide illustration 7

Inktober is a challenge created by Jake Parker in 2009. Artists who participate in Inktober will draw one picture each day in October using ink. From a personal challange, Inktober has grown into a worldwide endeavor with thousand of artists taking on the challenge each year.

inktobers_by_koyamori-d6pt7quinktober_28_by_koyamori-d6t3fqe inktober__inner_beauty_by_konoumin-d83t8uh

2014inktober2_by_ruin_hci-d8l7yp8    inktober_day_04_by_victoria_rivero-d8tbfht   inktober_day_05_by_victoria_rivero-d8tu7dh 

Credit to the creator of the challenge. The cover photo and artworks belong to their artists.


Worldwide illustration 6

Anna Dittmann is a digital artist with dreamy and surreal style. Her arts look mysterious as they bring a nature vibe and a sense of mythology. The way all the colors blend together is like a flow of fresh water that attracts our eyes to deepen ourselves in the dreamy world the artist created. She takes inspiration from organic natural elements, mythology and history, movement and texture, lyrics and melodies, expressions, color variations and probably many more things. Her arts are combinations of graphic and realistic elements. With her skill is leveling up day by day, Anna Dittmann has captivated the beauty of various elements and turned them into stunning work of arts.

Featured image is taken from one for her artworks.

Anna Dittmann’s website.


Worldwide illustration 5

Hallucinatic Girls là một project hợp tác giữa illustrator Yuno  và nhiếp ảnh gia Hirotomo Tanaka. Nghe tên là sặc mùi Nhựt Bổn luôn rồi ha. Đây là những bức artwork được Yuno minh họa mấy cô bé nữ sinh trên nền những bức ảnh chụp bởi Hirotomo Tanaka. Dễ thương lắm. Và đã mở triển lãm rồi đó :’D

Thiệt tình cũng chả biết để post này vô art hay photography nữa ;__; thôi để art vậy, dạo này không post art là bao

tumblr_nhiavj6Udh1sjmummo1_1280 tumblr_neustcLAUI1sjmummo1_1280tumblr_ne23adatqk1sjmummo1_1280 tumblr_ne8ig8dNQZ1sjmummo3_1280 tumblr_ndzw4ioKNQ1sjmummo1_1280 tumblr_n5ird6vMg51sjmummo1_1280 tumblr_n4ldpppCf91sjmummo1_r1_1280 tumblr_n4afaeoQsP1sjmummo1_r1_1280 tumblr_n3lrayO1Ya1sjmummo1_1280 tumblr_mu6sc1rrPR1sjmummo1_1280 tumblr_mu0yfkszDN1sjmummo1_1280 tumblr_mhp9ax1ZTf1rpzoiuo1_1280

Header images belongs to the artists

Yuno’s tumblr – Hirotomo Tanaka’s tumblr

Hallucinatic Girls project’s tumblr


Worldwide illustration 4  

Specializing in fractal art, C-91’s works glow radiantly like crystal under the light. The dark background makes the details inside shine vividly, like breathing the light of art into the air. With a sophisticated choice of colors and well-arranged patterns, her works sparkle like a thousand stars on the night sky. C-91 usually uses flowers as her inspiration and transforms them into marvelous fractal arts. Seeing her arts is like observing the nature at night with its beauty glimmers under the starry sky…

C-91’s Deviantart

Featured image is taken from one for her artworks.


Worldwide illustration 3

Just by looking at Laverinne’s gallery, you will be overwhelmed by the refreshing beauty of her arts. Laverinne’s arts cover the theme of a beautiful fantasy world that anyone would love to live in. Her works give the feeling of royalty, luxury, grace and elegant. This artist’s arts show refined skill in drawing details and balancing the colors. Just look carefully. Every single detail like a pearl or feather, even the smallest one is done carefully, which make her arts shine like a crystal under the light. With such skill in designing her wonderful fantasy, Laverinne always amazes anyone who steps foot into her world…

Laverinne’s deviantart and facebook.

Featured image is taken from one for her artworks.


Worldwide illustration 2

NanoMortis has a unique style in art. This artist’s arts usually take the theme of macabre and horror, sometimes sorrow and death. Her works give a very strong impression of simplicity and complex at the same time. Lots of her works mainly use white background, which makes the art inside become more vivid and eye-capturing. NanoMortis’s arts always have a nice balance of color, and the color she uses fit well with the theme of the work, which make the whole picture lively and gorgeous. The way she draws may looks stiff at first glance but if look closely, it turns out to be very fine and smooth. Her arts breathe mysterious and sometimes a bit of darkness. Looking at her arts, you will find yourself wandering in some unknown world that only has a dim ray of light to show the way…

“It’s like drinking salt water.You die by your own thirst ,leaving you with a horrid reflection of yourself.” – NanoMortis

NanoMortis’s DeviantArt

Featured image Struggle artwork belongs to the artist


Worldwide illustration 1

“Today we have with us some of the amazing fantasy paintings of John Foster. Fantasy meets surrealistic elements in a very beautiful and unique painting style.

Jon Foster would have to be considered one of the top concept artists working today. He has a very strong following among the Sci-fi / Sci-fantasy community. He is a sought out speaker and lecturer on the subject and is a superstar illustrator who has won many of the top honors in the fantasy world, including two silver and three gold awards from Spectrum: The Best of Contemporary Fantastic Art. Jon also was awarded the David P. Usher/Greenwich Workshop Memorial Award in the Society of Illustrators annual 43, has been nominated twice for the Chesley Awards, and was winner of the 2008 Dark Scribe Quill Award for Best Cover.

Jon Foster’s works have appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Universal Orlando, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Tor Books, Simon and Schuster, Harry S. Abrams Books, Boston Globe, Underwood Books, Knopf, Delacorte, Del Rey Books, Scholastic, Fox Atomic, Little Brown, Nightshade books, Subterranean Press. He currently teaches at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design when he is not turning out a award winning illustrations” – makeyourideasart

Jon Foster’s website and portfolio

Featured image Nightmare artwork by the artist