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Different from other glass sculptors, Jack Storms creates his mesmerizing works using the cold-glass technique. Each of his work could take up to 24 weeks to finish starting from scratch. Intense cold-glass process includes a lot of cutting, polishing and grinding to produce the desirable result. To achieve the high lever of light reflection, he uses lead crystal as the core and wraps it with optical glass. The refraction of light as it passes through the glass creates rainbows of hypnotic colors. It requires a lot of passion, self-discipline, even blood and sweat to overcome all the obstacles while working and achieving the finest state of the finished sculpture.

A closer look at one of his work, the ViviOvo D’oro

For more information please visit his website and his youtube channel.

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“Bamboo-based creations are getting popular for one simple reason that bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable resources. Japanese designer Toshiyuki Tani utilizes the same material to fashion mesmerizing floor lamps and light shades. One of his floor lamps, dubbed as Hokore, tends to fuse traditional craft with modern design as it eulogizes a floral pattern emblazoned on a bamboo border”- greendiary

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Majestic Ocean Wave Vases By Hawaiian Artist Duo

“Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma, two glass artists at Kela’s, a glass art gallery in Kauai, Hawaii, have a unique talent for capturing the power and motion of the sea. It is only at a closer glance that these stunning ocean wave vases can be distinguished from the real thing” – boredpanda

Have a look at a myriad of other beautiful glass art inspired by the sea.

ocean-wave-vases-desomma-blaker-1ocean-wave-vases-desomma-blaker-2ocean-wave-vases-desomma-blaker-6ocean-wave-vases-desomma-blaker-5ocean-wave-vases-desomma-blaker-7ocean-wave-vases-desomma-blaker-3Featured image artwork by cardboardboxx