Artist of the week 5

I first knew her through the song “Song of the Goddess” in the game Dragon Nest. Later on, I discovered her works on youtube and immediately got drawn into her music. In the mass of nowadays music, Erutan differs herself with an earthly, celtic and medieval style. For me, her music is very friendly and close to nature, which make it relaxing and enjoyable. Furthermore, she has a beautiful singing voice with great skills in playing a myriad of folk musical instruments. She not only does a great job in covering songs but also is a wonderful composer. Through her music, I feel myself walking in an ethereal fantasy world that I would love to stay for as long as I could, regardless the flow of time…

Here is her cover of a song from Final Fantasy IX. For more information, please visit her website and her youtube channel.


Artist of the week 4

I knew 30 Seconds To Mars a long time ago and I do listen to their music a bit, maybe back then, I was not quite into their genre but through years, my taste has changed and it keeps varying so I’ve gained interest in them recently. Their music is really provocative, amazing and humane. I know you may think it’s sentimental but I reach to them whenever I feel insecure, their music calm me down and make me feel safe. I’m not saying I’m their hardcore fan by now but if they ever held a concert here, I would definitely go and scream and sing my lungs and my heart out with them.

My writing is still bad as usual ugh, but i’s up to you to feel the beat and enjoy the music

I don’t really have favorite songs because I love em all but here are some may content your likings

Close To The Edge

The Kill

This Is War

Beautiful Lie

Do Or Die

Gosh, it’s like I could watch their videos and live concerts for forever


Artist of the week 3

Final Fantasy is a well-known video game by Square Enix. To me, I first acknowledged it when seeing my brother played Final Fantasy VIII very long ago, then when I grew up, I found out more about the series by myself. My first ever Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy IX, which is always my most favorite, not just because of the story line but also about the music.

Since then, I began to play the next generation of the series, and music is always something that hits me the most. Today, I turned on NHK world TV and saw Nobuo Uematsu in the J-MELO show, talking about his works for Final Fantasy. It really brought back memory, and when the piece “Zanarkard” was shown on TV playing by an orchestra, I felt overwhelmed by all the feeling I had when playing the games returned. He had composed so many master pieces for Final Fantasy, Zanarkand, Aerith’s Theme, Suteki Da Ne and so on. You can really feel how his music touches your heart with a strong vibration that you can’t forget. That’s why when speaking about Final Fantasy, people usually talk about him and his music in the game. Music is what makes players in sync with the games, as well as makes the game deeper and more meaningful. If you had played many seasons Final Fantasy, how could you forget the music theme that turned on every time you hopped onto the Chocobo? That Chocobo theme always lives in every season of Final Fantasy and has become an irreplaceable part of the series.

To me, his music is one of the main things that make Final Fantasy so famous like it is now today, I hope that he will continue his amazing work and bring more wonder to the world of art…


I’m stucked with this song 1

Vào thẳng chủ đề, dạo này lậm Not With Haste của Mumford & Sons kinh khủng khiếp, do tiếng guitar và banjo nó êm đềm hòa quyện vào nhau quyến giũ lòng người quá mà.

Vậy thôi đó, chỉ nhiêu đó thôi. Ngoài lề tý, là đường như Mumford & Sons mang giai điệu của Not With Haste vào Learn Me Right, OST của Brave, là sự kết hợp của bông hồng nước Anh – Birdy và Mumford & Sons, bài này hay không kém, nhạc của Mumford & Sons và giọng Birdy miễn bàn luôn, rất ư là du dương truyền cảm.


Not With Haste (iTunes Festival 2012)

Learn Me Right – Mumford & Sons and Birdy


Artist of the week 2

Ừ thì mình không có biết cái gì là cảm nhận âm nhạc nhiều nên chắc không có lảm nhảm dài dòng đâu. Chỉ muốn share mấy thứ nó ong ong trong đầu bữa giờ thôi. Có vẻ mình lạc hậu lắm nên giờ mới nghe Tom Odell; thiệt ra biết Tom Odell từ trước, qua Another Love (bài đó hồi đó lảm nhảm suốt như con thất tình luôn) nhưng bây giờ thì mới đủ siêng đi nghiền Long Way Down của Tom trong hết một tuần.


Nhạc folk và indie, hai thể loại càng nghe càng (mê) mệt; mình đã nói là chả biết gì nên mình chỉ dành đúng hai từ “bất ngờ” cho Long Way Down, nghe rồi sẽ biết, nó thiệt sự làm mình bất ngờ rất nhiều lần khi nghe; nó thỏa mãn được đủ mọi cung bậc cảm xúc người nghe, hay ít nhất là đối với mình.


Bài mình thích trong đây là Till I Lost và I Know, MV thích nhất là Grow Old With Me.

MV Grow Old With Me

I Know

Till I Lost


Artist of the week 1

When I’m Away single by The Colourist


The Colourist là một ban nhạc Mỹ đến từ Orange Count được thành lập vào năm 2009 bởi Adam Castilla và Maya Tuttle thuộc band The Thin Wall trước đó.

Trong năm 2009, The Colourist đã thắng giải Best New Artist, Best Song và Best Live Band ở the O.C. Music Awards với single debut Little Games. Sau vài năm lưu diễn ở quê nhà, năm 2012, The Colourist kí hợp đồng thu âm với Universal Republic Records.

Năm 2013, The Colourist phát hành EP đầu tiên Lido.

Tháng 3, 2014, ban nhạc phát hành studio album đầu tiên The Colourist.

The Colourist soundcloudofficial website.