This story could be view as a sequence of this :

However, this story and the fanfiction above only has a small relation which I will summarize later below, so you don’t really need to read the fanfiction if you don’t want to. I altered some of my original characters to fit with the Vocaloid ones in the fanfiction, but I will keep all the original characters in this story as they are.

Celestia Rosenburg ( Chroma ) : The main character in my story. She has long white hair and pearl color eyes. She uses the name “Chroma” in public to hide her real identity. Celes is a British.

Azure Hikari : Celes’s close friend. Azure has short teal hair and deep blue eyes. Although her nationality is Japanese, only her father is Japanese. Her mother is American. She was a famous singer and used her given name as her stage name : Azure. Later on, Celes and Azure found out about a murdering plan and the target was Azure. Celes faked Azure’s death, thus put an end to her singing career as Azure. Few months after the event, Azure came back to her career with a new name, disguise and style of music. No one knows about her fake death but Celes, Azure parents and Azure’s manager, Takashi Ryota. Celes calls Azure by her real name when they are alone or when they are with people who knows about Azure’s fake death. At school, Azure takes the name “Hikari Ame”. However, this may not be mention in this story.

Celes and Azure study in the same university in Japan, though different major.

Well, that’s about all of it. I hope you will enjoy my story. Please pardon me for any spelling and grammar mistake there might be. If you feel interested in the story, please vote and let my know your thought.