“So, I believe that you have gather all the souls all the seven sins, no?”

“It will be in my hand very soon, so don’t worry.”


Blood runs down from the birdcage beyond the grand mirror, vitiates its silvery frame and clear glass. In spite of that, the conversation between the two people still goes on. They look at their own reflection in the mirror and form a devious smile.


“We are very close to that now.”

“Indeed. That means there is no room for mistake.”

“Our only obstacles now are them. Get rid of them and there will be nothing could stop us.”

“Exactly. And for that, I have already had a perfect plan which I must now put into action.”


One of them moves toward the blood-stained mirror and walks right into it. It’s as if the mirror has swallowed her into nothingness. The other person stands still. The mirror reflect the sinister smile of the one in front of it as the person leaves the place…


Soon, I will have everything in my hand.